Fully-Branded, High-Converting, Automated Amazon Stores.

Professionally setup for you and run by our experts!

Have our team provide you with a product, test them for you & scale once a winner is found!

How Our Service Works:


Step 1: We Build You A Custom Brand - Includes a robust Amazon storefront with a solid, modern logo & feel.


Step 2: We Hand You “High-Profit Potential” Products - Products we are sure beyond any inkling of a doubt, you would have an effortless chance at success with, straight from our private supplier.


Step 3: We order a sample run of 50-100 units - So we can minimize inventory risk and properly test the market before scaling.


Step 4: We Scale Your Listing Once We Find Your “Jackpot Winning Product” Only!
Everything is hands-off for you! We do all the work. We get paid only if your store performs profitably. No monthly retainers!


Amanda: $0 to $10k within her first 30 Days!

Starting with Amazon ads, we ran our proven product testing strategy and found a winning product that now generates $20,000+ each month passively with a 30% net profit in return. 

All Stores Include These Amazing Benefits

Expertly-Picked Products

Our seasoned experts get to pick you 6-8 products each month. When they find a winner, they'll build a funnel around it and scale it as quickly as possible.

Top-Notch Funnel Design

Our design team of funnel gurus are always eager to wow you beyond expectations with their creativity, so you are guaranteed to achieve the highest average order value.

Automatic Fulfillment

24-hour Access to our warehouse facilities located right in the US where your orders are packed at the lowest industry prices you’re could ever find anywhere else.

Paid Ads Run By Our Experts

Our trained guys will manage your Amazon ads every month, using the latest “Black Hat” method only a few are deploying in the game right now. This will ensure you get the best return for your ad spend.

Premium Content

We take care of your product photography and video content required in order to scale a product profitably on Amazon.

Customer Service To Die For

We give your customers something to rave about with our trained customer-service people. This means you don’t even have to remember if your customers have any complaints, giving you the freedom to focus on the BIGGER picture.

Why Our Clients Can’t Stop Yapping About Us!

Bayside Automation is the most satisfying money I ever spent this year! As an Amazon business owner, Bayside practically runs my entire business day to day. In fact, they have exceeded my expectations so much that I plan to retire at the end of the year. Thank you!!”

Bayside Client


"From the moment I embarked on this automation journey, the team behind this service displayed an unwavering commitment to ensuring my success. Their expertise in Amazon automation is truly remarkable, and their ability to streamline and optimize my online store left me astounded."

Jason Kapono
Bayside Client


“Bayside Automation is - and I don’t say such things often - one of the best ideas I've ever seen in the flesh. After deciding to expand my income, a friend introduced me to Amazon and then, Bayside. All I can say is, from that point, I didn't even have to work! All I did was invest and let it work for me! Is that crazy or CRAZY???”

Brett White
Bayside Client


"Bayside Brandings has been super helpful with my Amazon store. They respond to their emails quicker than I do (and I’m pretty quick). They are prompt with getting issues resolved on the store. They are very interested in getting the store functioning. They help you know what to do with the things that they do not take care of. Plus they know the ins and out of Amazon, so your store can grow without you having to know everything or learn it the hard way. They are a great partner who cares about your success.

Amelia H.
Bayside Client

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