Bayside Automation F.A.Q.

Do I need to fulfill my orders?

Nope! We have a time that will automatically fulfill your orders and upload tracking normally between 24-48 hours after an order has been received.

 I see a chargeback on my store, should I be concerned?

No. Chargebacks are a rare scenario when a customer will request a refund from their bank. In turn, Shopify notifies us on the dashboard when this happens. This is a rare occurrence for Bayside Automation clients but it does happen. We either have to accept the chargeback and pay the price of the refund plus a $15 chargeback fee or we submit documentation that alleviates us from paying the chargeback. Bayside will respond to all chargeback requests. In most cases, we will provide the supporting documentation to get the chargeback overturned.

Do I need to submit sales tax?

Most likely yes. Each state is different so you'll need to check with your state or country's specific legislation. Most businesses will only need to file taxes for orders that are received in their state. Although this will be a fraction of the revenue on your store, it is not something to ignore. Many clients use TaxJar to automatically submit their sales tax.
Here's a video over to help you set it up.

Do I need to monitor ads?

Nope! We have a marketing team that will be actively launching and monitoring the progress of your ads!

I see customer inquiries via FB, email, or other channels, do I need to respond?

Absolutely Not! We have a customer service manager that will be actively be responding to customer requests on your store.

When will I make my first sale?

Most clients receive their first sale within a few days to a couple of weeks after we begin marketing your store.

Do I have to do my own book keeping/accounting?

Yes. Bayside does not provide bookkeeping or accounting services for your business. We install Tru Profit on your store to get a quick picture into the profits and losses of your store. however, this does not replace formal bookkeeping that is used for tax/reporting purposes. We do recommend using Bench Accounting for bookkeeping and filing your incometax.

Do I need to have an LLC?

An LLC is not required to run a shopify store. However, many clients to setup an LLC for various reasons including but not limited to reducing liability and for accounting purposes. We suggest meeting with your account/book keeper for best guidance.

When does profit share start?

Profit share will begin once your store becomes profitable from the date of launch. We will send you an invoice for our agreed Bayside revenue share on the 1st of each month.

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