Facebook Business Manager Setup

This video will guide you on how to create a Facebook Business manager straight from your personal profile. This is required to advertise on the Facebook platform.

Please follow the steps below to create a new FB Business manager or if you already have one, please skip to step 2.

Facebook is an advertising channel we will be using to grow your business.

  1. To create a new FB Business Manager, click the following link to get started.
  2.  Once your FB Business Manager has been created or if you already have one, please complete the following tasks to complete the setup;

Create an Instagram account (using the Gmail account we've created for your store and the same password)

  • Add your Instagram account to your Business Manager

3. Create a Facebook Page from the BM with your store name.


4. Create a new Ad Account

    • Add Payment Details to the ad account

5. Create a Pixel with your store name under Data Source in your business manager settings

6. Add Brandon, Steven, and Aspen (brandonbillett4@gmail.com | stevenhuynh321@gmail.com | aspenbollinger@gmail.com) as an admin to your business and assign him the following assets; FB Page, Instagram Page, Ad Account, and Pixel

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