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These 10 Ecom Funnel Optimizations Have Gotten a 40% Revenue Increase For The Following Verticals;

✅Kids Products
✅Baby Products
✅Pet Toys/Grooming Products

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Here’s Proof Our Funnel Optimizations Have generated over $5M in total sales!

Micah Who Was New To E-commerce and Ads, and Just By Copying and Pasting These Optimizations Into His Store, He Was Able To Scale To $361K!

Abishek Who Copy & Pasted These 10 Ecom Funnel Optimizations and Grew His Store To Over $66K+ in less than a Year With Organic Taffic!

Dylan Who Copied Similar Concepts From Our 10 Funnel Optimizations Was Able To Crush $47K within his first 60 days!

Brittany Who Had An E-commerce Store That Was Struggling, Copied All 10 of Our Funnel Optimizations Which Increased Her Conversion Rate and Is Now Profitable.

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What's Included? (+ FREE BONUSES)

10 Viral Fill In The Blank Funnel Optimizations that when you fill in the blank, will increase your current funnels performance by 40% in 60 Days!

Using This One Little Known Secret that will increase your conversion rate for only $10 (no paying a VA’s or Developers $1,000s a month)

This Reverse CVR Psychology we use in our funnels that triggers people so badly, they become buyers and inquire about your product or services.

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Bayside Brandings is an experienced marketing agency based out of Miami, FL. We have worked with over 100+ clients since 2017 and have been in the ecommerce industry for a combined 20 years.

We are giving you a PDF with 10 optimizations that can be implemented to your business right away. Some of these items can be copy and pasted, some will need to be tailored to your specific business. I.e. upsells/cross sell items will differ from store to store. These optimizations are straightforward and can be implemented right away

Brandon and Chris are partners at Bayside and have a combined 20 years experience in the ecommerce industry. They have obtained these optimizations directly from years of working on their own stores as well as clients

We will send you the PDF instantly after you complete your order. There will also be a link on the page after your order is complete to save the link as well if you want even faster access.

Only $10 – if you’re hesitant about investing in this incredible value for just $10, I’m afraid I can’t offer any other solution. It’s a price less than a cup of coffee, a mere toll on the road, or even something you’d find at the dollar store nowadays. Don’t miss out, just grab it!

Yes, 40% Increase In Revenue within 60 days after ALL 10 funnel optimizations have been implemented or you get your $10 back and $100 for wasting your time.

**you CAN’T find these in any course!**

The results you see are the results of specific clients. We do not guarantee you will receive any specific results. You could get better results, worse results, or the same results. We only guarantee that we will give you our tools to help increase the performance of your ads or your money back. ** to get the $100 and refund you must implement all 10 ecom funnel optimizations and then let them run your on your business for 60 days. You must be sending traffic on a regular basis. If you stop standing traffic the offer is voided. If your shopify account or seller platform were to get shut down, that is not on us as the funnel optimizations are compliant and have worked in 15+ niches and verticals.

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