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Waking up to sales already taking place on my store every day is such a thrill. Knowing my Shopify store is growing in value is the cherry on top. Thanks to Chris and the team at Bayside!

Abhishek B.

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"Bayside Automation has totally eliminated the learning curve. The Automation service they offer is turnkey and unique. They set up a Shopify store for me 6 months ago and I'm already seeing nice passive profits daily after making my initial investment back! Highly recommend the Bayside Automation team."

Micah D.

Results Driven

We implemented our proven testing and scaling strategies that allowed us to find a winning product and generate our client $1M+ in the span of 12 months of them starting the Bayside Automation program. Everything from the social media video content, to email marketing, and product fulfillment is managed daily by our team of trained experts.


“Bayside Automation is - and I don’t say such things often - one of the best ideas I've ever seen in the flesh. After deciding to expand my income, a friend introduced me to Shopify and then, Bayside. All I can say is, from that point, I didn't even have to work! All I did was invest and let it work for me! Is that crazy or CRAZY???

Brett White
Bayside Client


“Yes at first, I was somewhat scared by all the big promises. I literally thought they were trying to oversell or were outright crazy to have such an idea. But a friend insisted I try Bayside and boy am I so glad I listened! I never dreamed one day I could finally call myself “an entrepreneur”, let alone have a business that virtually runs by its damn self. Before the end of the year, I’ll have 7 figures!”

Maria Johnson
Bayside Client


Bayside Automation is the most satisfying money I ever spent this year! As a Shopify business owner, Bayside practically runs my entire businesses day to day. In fact, they have exceeded my expectations so much that I plan to retire at the end of the year. Thank you!!”

Kurt Williams
Bayside Client

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