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We implemented our proven testing and scaling strategies that allowed us to find a winning product and generate our client $1M+ in the span of 12 months of them starting the Bayside Automation program. Everything from the social media video content, to email marketing, and product fulfillment is managed daily by our team of trained experts.


"Waking up to sales already taking place on my store every day is such a thrill. Knowing my Shopify store is growing in value is the cherry on top. Thanks to Chris and the team at Bayside!"

Abhishek B.
Bayside Client


"Bayside Brandings has been super helpful with my Shopify store. They respond to their emails quicker than I do (and I’m pretty quick). They are prompt with getting issues resolved on the store. They are very interested in getting the store functioning. They help you know what to do with the things that they do not take care of. Plus they know the ins and out of Shopify, so your store can grow without you having to know everything or learn it the hard way. They are a great partner who cares about your success. 7k in the first 60 days! I'll take it!

Amelia H.
Bayside Client

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"From the moment I embarked on this automation journey, the team behind this service displayed an unwavering commitment to ensuring my success. Their expertise in Shopify automation is truly remarkable, and their ability to streamline and optimize my online store left me astounded."

Micah D.
Bayside Client

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